Peppermint Molton Chocolate Protein Donuts

Peppermint Donut 8

‘Tis the Season! The peppermint bark and chocolate fudge are all now back in stock and fresh out of the hot kitchen. Although they sound heavenly, they aren’t exactly the healthiest of choices when it comes to staying on track for the holidays. I prefer to leave those specialty treats for the days I wear my stretchy pants and enjoy a holiday dinner with my family.

For the cold white winter days, a peppermint mocha and a delicious and guilt-free peppermint molton chocolate donut sounds like the perfect snack. You can warm it up, making the frosting even gooier than when it was freshly made.

Since I decided to take the plunge on purchasing an Elf on the Shelf, we have lots of mini candy canes laying around the house and in our cupboards. My son refuses to eat the broken candy canes, so I went through our hidden stash and smashed them up to add some extra sparkle on top of the donuts. It not only made them taste that much more delicious, but also added a nice touch of color.

Not everyone is a peppermint fan, so the recipe lets you decide the level of mint you would like to add to the mixture. I am an avid mint fan so I chose to amp it up, but I know it would taste just as heavenly with a small amount. The smashed candy cane topping might even be enough of a peppermint bite as well!

Peppermint Donut



Ingredients: Peppermint Donut 4



Frosting & Candy Cane Topping:

  • 2 tbsp Coconut Oil
  • 1/2 Cup Bakers Cocoa Powder
  • 2 tbsp Cashew Milk
  • 1/2 Cup Stevia Powder
  • 1 tbsp Powdered Sugar
  • 1 tbsp Vanilla
  • 10 Small Candy Canes



Preheat oven to 350 F

Mix whey isolate protein powder, oat flour, stevia powder, bakers cocoa powder, and baking powder in mixing bowl.

Add in cashew milk, eggs, or egg re-placer, apple sauce, coconut oil, and drops of peppermint oil, mix until batter forms.

Pour batter into greased mini donut tray, fill to the tip and scrape until all of the holes have been filled.

Bake for 18 minutes.

Let sit for 10 minutes before frosting.

Frosting: Combine coconut oil, bakers cocoa powder, cashew milk, stevia powder, powdered sugar, and vanilla into mixing bowl. Whip until frosting consistency forms.

Place candy canes into a small enclosed baggie and smash!

I placed them into a small bowl to easily sprinkle on top of each frosted donut.


Enjoy & Happy Holidays!

Peppermint Donut 6



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Thank you so much for following along on my journey and reading my content! – Lacey Aslett


Spiced Pumpkin Seeds

Spiced Pumpkin Seeds 6

As the season transitions from, “Pumpkin Spice Spice Everything Nice” to “Deck the Halls,” I just couldn’t completely throw out all of my fall decor without some sort of recipe. I decorated my porch this year with lots of beautiful pumpkins, some from our local farm and others grown from my own Grandparents patch. Since we inherited some of the pumpkins later in the season, some of them were still nice and fresh! I just couldn’t bare to throw them out without seeing if I could salvage at least the seeds to snack on.

A few of them had beautiful insides full of fresh seeds ready to bake!

Spiced Pumpkin Seeds 7

Pumpkin seeds are a super healthy fat and protein packed snack to have around the house. They can easily be added into most healthy meals, diets, and even macro counter friendly!  The seeds are full of essential nutrients that aid in reducing inflammation throughout the body, help prevent diseases, and can even help regulate blood sugar levels.

To prepare the pumpkins I made sure they were cleaned prior to cutting, and cut them in half on my cutting board. It made it super convenient to get all of the seeds and guts out of the inside of the pumpkins. Spiced Pumpkin Seeds 8

When washing and separating the seeds from the guts be sure to take your time and really clean them. If not they can end up taking quite awhile drying out during the baking process, and the guts are not as appealing as the seeds once they are done.


The aroma that surrounded my house while the seeds were baking was so overwhelming and delicious, I could hardly stand it! This recipe has endless ways to season and flavor so have fun getting creative. I chose to utilize Cured Nutrition CBD infused Spices due to the health benefits associated with natural non-pschoactive cannabinoids  derived from hemp. Happy Snacking!



  • Pumpkins
  • Olive Oil Spray
  • Pink Himalayan Salt
  • Cinnamon & Honey CBD Cured Spices – Cured Nutrition
  • Nutmeg
  • Pumpkin Pie Spice



Preheat oven to 350 F.

Clean and prepare pumpkins.

Cut pumpkins in half, and scoop out insides.

Thoroughly separate guts from seeds and run under water in a colander until completely cleaned. This step is pretty crucial!

Place seeds and enough water to cover the top of the seeds into a pot and bring to a light boil.

Spray a baking sheet with a light coat of olive oil spray and spread seeds out evenly throughout the baking sheet.

Sprinkle on Cured Spices, nutmeg, and pumpkin pie spice evenly the seeds. Have fun with different spices each time to try out different flavors!

Bake for roughly 30 minutes, being sure to check on them every ten minutes.

Let cool before storing.

Store in cool dry area.

Spiced Pumpkin Seeds 9




IMG_7479Thank you so much for following along on my journey and reading my content! – Lacey Aslett