Looking Back on 2017 with the Asletts



As the new year starts to present itself, I can’t help but get the twinge of excitement as endless possibilities run through my head. I love celebrating a new year, due to the fact I get to reminisce on all of the wonderful memories we shared just in a short 365 days. I almost look at a new year as a new beautiful box with a pretty bow on top full of unknown memories I get to open at the end of the year. Some of the memories will be celebrations that last a lifetime, some are life lessons, and some are sadness that may never be fully overcome. Furthermore they are our memories to share and hold together as a family creating a bond so special and unique.

Looking back on 2017, I can’t help but genuinely smile. We had a very fun and exciting year full of events and challenges that made us grow stronger. Justin and I have always had a very challenging relationship to say the least. We are two people with very intense personalities, being the oldest siblings in our own families, and very strong headed, we are constantly working on joining forces and learning new ways to communicate. We are used to being leaders and the doers that we have a hard time not pushing the other to madness. I can honestly say that learning to accept our individual strengths and weaknesses has made our marriage and relationship so strong, that anything seems possible now.

We bought our first home together and let me tell you, being a homeowner can be pretty rough! When we decided to purchase the home, we were excited to finally be able to plant our roots and create a home for our children to experience what it feels like to have dirt between their toes and land to explore. We both grew up living outdoors, so we are creating that wonderland for our little Jaxxen and hopefully more siblings. We have a lot of work ahead of us, but the planning and renovating is teaching us so much! We also got to celebrate our one year Wedding Anniversary, which was such a fun little getaway.

My most special memories of 2017, is watching Jaxxen become such a smart little kid. After turning three, he instantly took off to become more independent and showing more of his own personal interests. His vocabulary and imagination is absolutely hilarious! We laugh everyday at something he creates or comes up with, or even shows interest in. It’s also interesting to see what qualities he inherited from us, some we would rather him not have gotten. He’s one persistent, strong-willed, picky, witty, bossy, little show off. He loves to learn and is super coordinated, making Dad super excited for future sports. He started 3k daycare, which started off super uncomfortable, but he excelled at very quickly. He needs some socialization time, so we are so glad we had him start school a tad early. He comes home every day with new stories, friends, and so proud of his little crafts he makes. We couldn’t have asked for a better adventure than him!

Lastly, we got to experience such a fun year doing what we do best, fitness! We put our heart and soul into investing into our growing business as Personal Trainers and Competition Coaching, staying very diligent and patient to do exactly what we want in our business growth. Every year it seems to get better and better! The possibilities keep opening up in the right places and our consistency has paid off with our own competitive careers. We had the biggest team of competitors compete in the Spring time, earning our first Team Champion Award, which has been such a dream of ours. I never expected to earn one this fast, so you bet its hanging on my office wall. We brought home almost 30 trophies in just 5 shows throughout the year. Starting with one competitor and myself only 3 years ago, that is a huge accomplishment to me. We come from a very small and competitive bodybuilding community, so I never imagined my dreams falling into place so fast. We are beyond humbled at the Team’s success!

The best competition memory and experience was competing at Jr. Nationals in Chicago, Il together. We both qualified and decided we would go to soak in as much experience as possible to bring back as coaches. We knew full well that we would not being go Pro, due to just needing more experience and conditioning, but we went anyways to gain the experience. It was such a good time, especially being able to do it together as a couple. The vibe backstage was so much fun, and watching all the hard working athletes come together to support each other was absolutely worth every second of the prep. Some say competing as a couple is the hardest relationship challenge, but for us it’s the exact opposite! We know the hard work that goes into each prep, we rely on each other as a second opinion, and make sure to hold ourselves accountable. Sure we get irritable, but our stress relief is the gym so that is exactly where we go as a family to regroup. I wouldn’t want to do it with anyone else!

With this new year, I plan to be a lot more active with our transparency, goal making, prepping, and how we defeat obstacles within our life together. So I thank you for sticking around for my 2017 launch, I can guarantee that 2018 will be even more EPIC!

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