How does one become, “Belle Force Fit?” Simple.. be proud of who YOU are! Belle Force Fit gives you the health and fitness tools to enhance all of the wonderful qualities within yourself. A place where many journeys come together full of love and support to ensure that you succeed in which ever direction you decide to go. Fitness is not a, “one size fits all,” kind of program so I offer a variety of useful ideas to help you become your very own BELLE FORCE FIT!


Belle Force Fitness, “beautiful strength,” was created to unite woman of different athletic backgrounds, goals, and aspirations into one powerful team – a team built on the foundation of strength and support to help one another reach higher goals. It was founded in 2012 and has grown tremendously ever since, making our fitness community so diverse and rewarding.


Meet the Coach

Welcome! I am the owner of Belle Force Fitness – Lacey Aslett. My passion for health has led me into a career based solely on inspiring others to start a healthier lifestyle. I am a wife, mother, coach, business owner, national bikini competitor, and aspiring fitness model based out of the small town of Twin Falls, Idaho. My goal for this page is to educate and inspire, while also offering useful tools on balancing health and fitness with growing families, careers, and illnesses.

My full-time job as a mother has me constantly learning new and creative ways to keep my family healthy and active the best I can. I have one super picky son that makes meal time extra challenging especially when it comes to trying out new things. Luckily I enjoy spending time in the kitchen meal prepping and cooking so it gives me an extra excuse to try out new recipes!

I am also a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certified personal trainer and am currently working towards my Bachelor of Exercise Science degree along with an Associate degree in Dietetics. I have been personal training in and out of gyms throughout Idaho since 2010 and decided to expand by coaching bodybuilding competitors in 2012. My stage background, which started as a dancer when I was only two years old, has grown from beauty pageants to bodybuilding competitions and landed me in a career I absolutely love. Naturally, I am a very shy and reserved person, but being on stage has helped me overcome some of my deepest insecurities, and I have embraced the stage with open arms. As a competitor myself, I have many health issues that interfere with my goals, so I strive to help other families conquer these obstacles. I constantly struggle with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), endometriosis, and extreme food intolerances which can take quite a toll on my health and family. My goal is to be an advocate for women who also struggle with hormonal issues, syndromes, and diseases and to help find possible solutions which ease the pain and encourage them to strive for more.

I hope you enjoy all of the exciting tools to become BELLE FORCE FIT!